Liability Insurance


Keeping our clients' interest in focus, we strive to ensure a safely operating service at all times. Our liability insurance protects you of all damages and defects that (must and can be proven) were caused by our firm.

The insurance – local coverage – protects up to the following amounts: 250 million HUF/ year and 100 million HUF / damage

Insured Risks:

Damages caused to a third party:

The liability insurance is valid in Hungary.Another insurance of ours protects directly our vendors.

The service liability insurance of our cleaning services is 100 million HUF / damage case, protects the service providers of any damages that were caused during normal work-flow, and is valid to our sub-contractors as well. (our company bears with a large quantity of machine and tool fleet, that is why we extended our liability insurance with tools and machine damages as well)

In order to work for us, a authenticated "certificate of good conduct" is needed. We carefully overview the backgrounds of any new employee. Furthermore, if one required, we may have the employees sign a "confidentiality agreement", in order to ensure information protection.