Dry Ice Cleaning


Our experience with our customers shows that our clients often expect a swift and budget-oriented solution, and this requires maximum flexibility and the constant development of the cleaning equipments. In many cases, non environment friendly materials cannot be used and the removal of the chemicals left of the cleaning task, can lead to problems.

With our dry ice cleaning equipments, even the most stubborn stains can be removed, without damaging the surface and polluting the environment. During cleaning, with the help of high-pressure air, on the surface, we apply carbon-dioxide (dry ice), which is cooled to -79 °C. When some of the dry ice penetrates the stain, it is being cracked by the swift cooling, and the stains's attachment to the surface ceases to exist. The whipped-back air removes the stain, which is now frozen and in a solid state, and the dry ice evaporates in the form of gas.


The dry ice technology has been proven in many of the following fields:


Benefits of the technology:

Damage is not done at all to the surface (no dingy effect, as with eg: sand-spraying)