Our firm produces and sells ready-made cold and warm meals for both businesses and canteens (public catering).

Mainly, in the field of public catering, we have been able to reach such quality that - with its external appearance and state of the art technology – can take on any European state. For this reason, we hope to be able to serve your company in the near future.

Our self branded products are available daily with over …. kinds cold meals and …. kinds , menu-kind warm meals, and …. kind of confectionery items.


Our clients can make their choices from the following services:

1. Delivery

2. Kitchen Operation

Our service applies to the catering service as a whole, starting from purchasing foods to catering meals. We always strive to satisfy our clients' needs and expectations. We prepare our tasty meals, in focus with the latest kitchen technology requirements.



Keeping in mind the current regulations, we secure constant monitoring of hygienic status (ingredient storing, preparing, meal serving, and cleaning ). The hygiene monitoring is supervised by a hygienic expert.

Our hygienic and cleaning blueprint includes:

Our employees learn the use of modern chemicals in both theoretical and real-life scenarios training. The kitchen employees take a sanitation training, where they receive catering hygienic practices, in which all of them take an exam of.