Vibration Diagnostics


We would like to provide information about the measuring equipments, measurements and their documentation procedure. During each maintenance, we record a full vibration spectrum of the bearings of the rotary equipments, which measurement (each measurement point – thousand can be stored) is stored within its own internal memory, and can be transferred to any computer.

With the help of the measuring system's diagnostic software, we analyze and rate every bearings and equipment elements according to their spectrum, which we store and categorize by location, track and equipment type.

The software – by retrieving data from our database – is able to pinpoint the critical alarm levels, rate of equipment wear, and expected lifecycle. Moreover, it may suggest a need for maintenance service. This computer aided service allows us to provide a maintenance service, that is only needed when necessary, which also allows the maximization of the lifetime of the equipment parts, making it unnecessary to change parts before it would be absolutely crucial. These requirements are aided by our laser shaft-aligning equipment, which helps aligning the shafts at a 0,01 mm parallel precision and angle difference, also enables the smooth running of V belt disks and V belt drives.

Our diagnostical service is mostly aided by our electric-equipment testing meter, which – within minutes – can detect the electric defects of the electrical equipments, such as coil short-circuit, rotary-parts, high-voltage boxes, and inductive problems.

Along with our diagnostics meter equipments, our job is aided by state-of-the-art instruments. Hydraulic bearing extractor, inductive bearing heater, oil-pressured tools, lifters, presses and air wrenches etc.