Air Condition System Cleaning


One of our firm's many tasks is servicing, maintaining, and installing cooling and air conditioning systems, which service we offer from planning to providing finished systems. Furthermore, we are in partnership with many well-known air conditioning equipment manufacturer and dealer companies. Also, we are proud to say that most of our clients are in strong contractual partnership with us, which results in an extremely close business relationship.


Coolers / Cooling Equipments:

Our company offers the handling, buying, and installation of the following cooling systems, from planning to finish.

Our product line includes liquid-cooling equipments, , roof-tops, direct-evaporation coolers, ammonia utilizing systems, aggregators for deep-cooling for both household and commercial use, fan-coils, silent and ventilation coolers. Our product line is always broadening; therefore, please inquire at our customer service.


Air-Handling Systems:

We gladly accept tasks of planning , buying, - in some individual cases- producing, and assembling of air-handling systems. As our other services, air handling systems are also available from planning to finish, complete with light, and heavy current capabilities, documented with measurement certificates.

We are in strong partnership with multiple manufacturers: DEPAIR, GEA-HAPPEL, CARRIER, HUNGAROPANOL.

We have successfully serviced many of our customers who needed parts for air-handling cabinets. We are able to deliver many of the parts, tools, base materials, out of which a complete air-handling cabinet can be assembled, with high industry standards. As with our other services, we also take on this task from planning to installation on site.