air duct cleaning and maintenance


Our company installs, services and maintains equipments of refrigeration and air conditioning. This service includes everything from planning to finish of the projects.

The piping of the air duct systems is cleaned with a state-of-the-art - twenty first century - robot technology. This means that there is no need of disassembling of the air duct system or the suspended ceiling, and the use of certain cleaning chemicals is also unnecessary. The cameras mounted on the robot are constantly feeding live pictures from inside the air duct system, so after- cleaning state can be checked. (recorded on DVD).


The importance of the HHVAC maintenance:

There is an ever growing importance of protecting the environment, pushing back air pollution, and creating a healthy work and consumer environment. In addition, the buildings and facilities have to live up to stricter and stricter expectations. The air-flow systems are improving rapidly and their number is growing day-by-day. These quite expensive systems need quality care and maintenance. The cleaning of the fine deposits that can be found within the ventilated air duct systems require professional skills and modern equipments.

These deposits cannot be seen by the naked eye and they can be a hazard to human health. For example, the quality of air may worsen because of the deposits that can be found on the insides of the duct system, which my lead to breathing abnormalities, fatigue, or bad health in general. At this point, certain bacteria can be found in the low quality air, that can cause sickness, or even worse symptoms can arise for allergic people.

In case of fire the air duct system – because of the fine dusty deposits in them - can turn into fire carrying system. Sadly, this case is not so uncommon, where the fine dust helped spread the fire in certain cases. These systems are extremely hard to reach and clean for the fire department, because they often placed behind walls or ceilings.

Generally, looking at financial reasons, cleaning the air duct systems can lead to saving money on maintenance and operating costs. At a un-cared for air duct system, the cost can rise significantly, because of the ventilators and its parts are extremely sensitive to contamination. In addition, the fine deposits found in the walls of the system can raise the operational and energetic costs as well.

The regular upkeeping and maintenance of the air-flow systems is most necessary in order to prolong the system's lifetime.

About our technology:

Our specially gathered group of managing and maintaining air flow systems can be a solution for you. We guarantee our job's success. Our equipments were specially designed to handle all problems arising at this field of service. With our robot technology and air duct cleaning system, we can - cost effectively – please our clients within a short period of time.