energy management


Our energy management services include energetic auditing, advisement about utilizing, operation, and execution renewable energy. With engineering background, we plan and execute solar collectors, solar batteries, heat pumps, and wind generator systems.

Because of the current strict environmental laws and the companies' usually tight budget, one fact is ever more important than ever: competitiveness. For this reason, it is also key for firms to have their buildings well maintananced and cared for.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend our "thermo-scan" service (with thermo cameras), so that the minimum heat necessity and need can be calculated. In addition, this service allows us to pinpoint the flaws of building insulation and to make the current electrical and mechanical equipment more energy efficient.

Have you ever thought of "making your buildings work"? In order to have a certain premises fully operational with the lowest possible cost, it is most necessary to develop a energy efficient mechanical and electrical system. For this exact reason, we offer a building management software and building automatization system. The software makes decision making a breeze, and the building automatization system provides data, gaging values, operation notations, fault signals, and maintenance indications and also executes the connection programs.


This service of ours helps you to utilize your building' potential, and therefore, helps you reducing energy costs by approximately 30 percent.