equipment upkeep


The maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and facilities are done in a all around, complex manner, where the key feature is that we provide our clients with the persons with technical expertise . Above all, we also provide constantly high quality service.


1. Expert technical presence and upkeep

0-24 maintenance and safe operation of the mechanical, electrical, and microelectronics systems.

2. Trouble-shooting

3. Engineer Service

Our Engineers:

4. Clog Management

clog management

We provide cleaning and unclogging of the following: sewage systems, sinks, drainpipes. Our goal always is to execute the repairs without any dissociation and damage done at the current system. With our drain cleaning machinery, we remove the stains, contaminations and waste deposits, after which, we flush the drainage with high-pressure pipe-cleaning machinery.

If needed , we recommend an inspection done by video camera, with which, problematic parts can be detected. Also, this way, the scaling and pipe cracks may be found. Our maintenance team works at 0-24 shifts, also on holidays and weekends. The cleaning tasks are done with modern equipments and by highly skilled professionals.